General Notices and Information

The Colorectal Unit at the Leicester Royal Infirmary is a tertiary referral centre specialising in colorectal cancer, early rectal cancer, locally advanced and recurrent cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and pelvic floor conditions.

Teaching and training is ingrained in our work ethos. 

We are a national accredited training unit in laparoscopy, endoscopy and pelvic floor disease.

We are involved in numerous research activities including national trials and laboratory research with the Department of Cancer Studies at the University of Leicester. 

Our main In-patient ward is on Ward 22, Level 6, Balmoral Building at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Our clinics are run at the Jarvis Building at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Flu Campaign - Winter 2016

 The flu campaign is a national one which we adapt locally, however this year across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland we did launch our campaign before the national one got started and as soon as we were confident the GPs had received their vaccines. We accept that many flu clinics are up and running and people will be already getting their flu vaccinations, however last year 30% of those who were eligible did not take up the offer of the vaccine. We are asking the PPG/PRG members across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to help us encourage people in their community to take up the flu vaccine if they are offered it.

 The attached documents are to help promote uptake of the flu jab amongst your patients. The posters have been provided on black and white to save on printing costs however colour versions can be accessed via the website, link below;

 There are also  couple of articles attached which you may wish to use or adapt to get your message across and we ask for your help in increasing the uptake of the flu vaccine.


Further information in relation to vaccinations for Children can be addressed through the NHS choices webpage in relation to this matter


PPG Awareness Week
6th - 11th June 2016

PPG Awareness Week aims to promote the role and benefits of PPGs to patients, the public and health professionals, to create more understanding of the value of true patient participation also to promote the support available from N.A.P.P. For More information visit the PPG Awareness Week page on the NAPP website.


'Social drinking': the hidden risks
If you think only alcoholics and binge drinkers are putting their health at risk, think again.

The NHS Choices website has some valuable information about the risks of social drinking and the risks of drinking too much, which you will find useful. To find out more go to the NHS Choices website. As well as some valuable information, there is also a drinking self-assessment survey that you may be interested in completing.


Healthwatch England is the national consumer champion in health and care. We have significant statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care services.


Patient Services

Find out more about Patients' Services at The Limes medical Centre. The PPG have produced a series of videos which will help you find out more about the wide range of services provided by The Limes. To access the videos, click on the relevant links below.Patient services at The Limes
The Limes Urgent Care System
How to use the Self check in
Why use the Limes online/asking for a Limes login
Using your Limes’ login


For more information about Urgent Care Services in Leicestershire and Rutland, click here.


Patient UK - This is a site that provides trusted medical information and support. Click here for more information.


The Stroke Association provide high quality, up-to-date stroke information for stroke patients, their families and carers. Every year there are approximately 152,000 strokes in the UK. That's one stroke every three and a half minutes. Most people affected are over 65, but anyone can have a stroke, including children and even babies. For further information click here. The association has also produced a video guide to an online tool which is available to support victims of stroke and their families. Click here to view the video.


The Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, talks and acts about the condition. Whether you attend a face-to-face session or watch the online video, Dementia Friends is about learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help. From telling friends about the Dementia Friends programme to visiting someone you know living with dementia, every action counts.

MS Society

Together to beat MSMore than 100,000 people in the UK have MS. We’re fighting to improve treatment and care to help people with MS take control of their lives. And with your support, we’re funding research to help beat MS for good. For further information click here.


We’re the Parkinson’s support and research charity. For more than 40 years we’ve been working to find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Click here to find out more.


What is Shared Lives? Shared Lives Services are all about one household sharing their lives, families, home, interests, experience and skills with other people who need some help and support to live their lives to the full. To find out more click here. Or visit the Shared Lives Plus website at